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We are The Digital

We are “The Digital” Agency you have been looking for.

We have been there, on the brand side.

So that we know you need result-oriented, cost-effective & creative ways to deliver business results from digital marketing.

We have

  • 12 years of experience in digital
  • completed more than 400 projects
  • worked with more than 110 brands

Our specialties include:

  • Digital Marketing Consultancy
    • Digital Strategy
    • Competition, SEO & UX Analysis
  • Social Media Management
    • Content Generation
    • Unique photo shoots
    • Community Management & Moderation
  • Digital Media Operation
    • Facebook ads
    • Google Adwords

Boutique digital agency

  •  TheDigital is positioned as a boutique digital agency.
    • Boutique agencies are small to medium sized agencies approx. 2 to 20 staff and have few clients that they bound strongly.
    • Boutique agency is opposite of multinational agency networks which have 30-50 staff for each office and span across the globe.
  • Advantages of working with a boutique agency is:
    • Easier as there is less hassle in every phase of business
    • Much more cost-effective
    • More dedicated to clients compared to their bigger brothers
    • Clients work more directly with the real people who do the work
      • (less client-management back and forth traffic)
    • Focused on operation rather than revenue / profitability
      • (which in reality follows successful work)
    • More flexible and able to adapt changing needs of clients in a breeze
  • Boutique digital agencies are several clicks above freelancers in terms of service quality.
    • Freelancers might require less budget to operate however they are significantly less dependable than boutique agencies.
    • Average service quality of freelancers can change rapidly because it all depends on a single person (e.g. health problems might result in ceasing all work)
      • However backups in boutique agencies can handle the work so delays are minimized

  • Boutique digital agencies do not have disadvantages of big agencies
    • Big agencies have a long list of clients that they prioritize. Client might not be in their A-list.
    • Access to agency head in a big agency is almost impossible in daily operations. However agency directors are always accessible and synced in operation
    • Big agencies have their limitations and bureaucratic sluggishness whereas boutique digital agencies are result-driven and practical

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