There are 2 giants in digital world:

For a successful web site Google pay per click advertising (Adwords) is a main traffic driver. It is mainly utilized by e-commerce and other call to action web sites.
Branding & Marketing Communication is focused  on reach, frequency and engagement. This is where social media comes to stage. Facebook is the number one social network in UK.

TheDigital will provide Google Adwords (pay per click) advertising services and all types of Facebook advertising management solutions. These include but not limited to video ads, text ads and visual (banner) ads.

TheDigital will spend marketing budget on behalf of its clients and charge a service fee for it.

How we differ?

  • Know-how of Facebook advertising
      • Burak managed Turkey’s largest social media group of Yildiz Holding brands with 17  million fans.
      • There are crucial know-how, best practices and strategies for different brands, products, target audiences, marketing channel mixes etc.
      • Brands’ budgets are generally limited and there are not many coins to waste. Therefore doing it the right the first time is important for cost-conscious business customers.
  • Know-how of Google Advertisement
    • Crafting a selling advertisement, text and visuals have dramatic effect on click-through rates that directly define effectiveness of marketing budget.
    • There are rules and strategies for a well-working ad-copy. Burak was involved in 300 projects’ digital media processes worth £ 2 million.
      • Results, key performance indicators and learnings from these numerous campaigns provide invaluable feedback &  insight that is vital for future campaigns’ success.
      • TheDigital will utilize all these know-how in order to craft most effective and efficient campaigns for its clients.
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