The Digital Agency is a social media agency based in Leicester. The Digital Agency also has offices in London and Istanbul. There are couple of social media agencies in Leicester but where The Digital Agency differs is that our recipe for engagement. We do have our unique formula for engagement success for brands and this was proved time and time again. It all starts with unique content that can resonate with consumers. It can be real photoshoots, GIFs, animations, videos or just good old copy text.

After the content has been visually crafted, it is time for advertisement. Nowadays even if you have millions of fans, they pretty much do not mean a big difference at all. Continuous updates by social media giants such as Facebook made it impossible to reach your fans but a mere 1% , that is if you are lucky. You’d still need to pay for advertising even to show your content to your fans. Facebook simply explains this issue with the increased amount of content, high amount of brand activity in Facebook and filtering out the most relevant content to users. In this case, not the brand content. However, Facebook is more than happy to make an exception to show your branded content to whichever audience you choose with a little bit of incentive: which is Facebook ads.

Therefore, social media paid advertising is crucial if you want to reach your audience. Not all the news are bad though, you can still reach to desired target audience even if you do not have any fans and followers. So it is possible to kickstart your campaign. At this stage, we come into a concept that is vital for your social media marketing to work: Targeting. Facebook and Instagram are huge oceans that you might get lost if you do not know where to go, what to look for. If you can not specify enough your target audience, your budget will be lost or at least spent ineffectively, showing your ads to an less interested audience. Every type of campaign has it’s inefficiencies and it is social media agencies’ responsibility to decrease it every now and then.

The Digital Agency has broad expertise in social media advertising in Leicester and is a great social media agency to help you out in your business objectives. You can get in contact with us on how to take your business to next level through successful social media marketing.