Building web sites is a never ending request by businesses from all sizes and it is bread & butter of digital agencies. Our web site production solution includes:

  • Design
  • User Experience
      • Enabling visitors to access requested information in the most effortless way as possible
      • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Compatibility
      • Almost %50 of web browsing in UK happens on mobile. (statcounter)
      • Mobile is the first screen when it comes to building web sites.
      • All content must be available and browsable in mobile devices (smartphone and tablets)
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google is the main traffic driver for almost all web sites
    • A website without visitors is no value to business results
    • Therefore SEO compatibility is a prerequisite for a web site.

How we differ?

Everyone can cook however few chefs know how to prepare a special. Many agencies or even freelancers can build a web page. However, TheDigital handles digital advertising and business consultancy of the web site in-house so whole project is strategically planned & executed for business impact.

  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization from scratch
      • We offer separate SEO services although it is best done first while designing/building the web site. Some SEO modifications are extremely difficult after the site has been built. Therefore building the web site with SEO in mind is a great plus.
  • Advertising Bundle
      • Many web sites lack even a minimum amount of traffic due to absence of digital media advertisement. Businesses might think opening a web site is enough but having a website with few visits do not positively affect business results. TheDigital bundles advertising with production for a more comprehensive approach.
  • Photo & Video content production
    • To stand out from the crowd, unique visuals in the web site is a must. Web sites with only stock photo without real people, lack credibility & realism.
    • We bundle photo shooting sessions within web project budget so that it is done by default.
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