Looking to elevate your brand’s social media presence? The Digital Agency, a certified Google and Shopify Partner, is your ultimate solution for effective social media management. Based in the UK with over 16 years of experience, we’ve worked with 140 brands on 500 projects, including world-renowned names like Michelin, Oriflame, IHG, Equinix, and more.

Our comprehensive social media management service covers a broad spectrum. We’ll manage your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin accounts, ensuring they are updated with engaging and brand-consistent content. Our team will produce monthly content that aligns with your brand’s identity and values, and will also handle messages, replies, and moderations across all platforms.

At The Digital Agency, we believe in the power of content, particularly visual content. We’ll create 12 pieces of brand-specific content each month, including GIFs and short animated videos. These pieces are proven to stand out in a sea of social media posts, giving your brand a unique edge. We’ll also adapt the content for various social media platforms, ensuring optimal presentation and engagement.

To maximise your brand’s reach and visibility, we’ll manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. Although advertising costs are not included in our management fee, we strongly recommend investing at least £500 per month for advertising to reach even your most distant followers.

We also understand the importance of community management. Our team will manage and respond to Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, and Instagram comments, ensuring a healthy and positive brand image.

We’re not just about executing strategies; we’re about measuring success too. We’ll provide you with monthly reports detailing the activity on your social media accounts. These reports offer valuable insights that can guide your brand’s future social media strategies.

At The Digital Agency, we’ve been successful in bringing our clients’ social media platforms to life. For instance, our work on the Golf Career Facebook page resulted in an engagement level that surpassed world-class brands like P&G. Similarly, the Euromaster Turkey Facebook page under our management had more engagement than all other Euromaster pages in Europe.

Join the ranks of world-leading brands by entrusting your social media management to The Digital Agency. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and strategic thinking ensures that your brand’s social media presence will not only grow, but will thrive. Discover more about our services and successful campaigns on our website at www.thedigital.agency.