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Looking to elevate your brand’s social media presence? The Digital Agency, a certified Google and Shopify Partner, is your ultimate solution for effective social media management. Based in the UK with over 16 years of experience, we’ve worked with 140 brands on 500 projects, including world-renowned names like Michelin, Oriflame, IHG, Equinix, and more.

Our comprehensive social media management service covers a broad spectrum. We’ll manage your brand’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin accounts, ensuring they are updated with engaging and brand-consistent content. Our team will produce monthly content that aligns with your brand’s identity and values, and will also handle messages, replies, and moderations across all platforms.

At The Digital Agency, we believe in the power of content, particularly visual content. We’ll create 12 pieces of brand-specific content each month, including GIFs and short animated videos. These pieces are proven to stand out in a sea of social media posts, giving your brand a unique edge. We’ll also adapt the content for various social media platforms, ensuring optimal presentation and engagement.

To maximise your brand’s reach and visibility, we’ll manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. Although advertising costs are not included in our management fee, we strongly recommend investing at least £500 per month for advertising to reach even your most distant followers.

We also understand the importance of community management. Our team will manage and respond to Facebook posts, Twitter mentions, and Instagram comments, ensuring a healthy and positive brand image.

We’re not just about executing strategies; we’re about measuring success too. We’ll provide you with monthly reports detailing the activity on your social media accounts. These reports offer valuable insights that can guide your brand’s future social media strategies.

At The Digital Agency, we’ve been successful in bringing our clients’ social media platforms to life. For instance, our work on the Golf Career Facebook page resulted in an engagement level that surpassed world-class brands like P&G. Similarly, the Euromaster Turkey Facebook page under our management had more engagement than all other Euromaster pages in Europe.

Join the ranks of world-leading brands by entrusting your social media management to The Digital Agency. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and strategic thinking ensures that your brand’s social media presence will not only grow, but will thrive. Discover more about our services and successful campaigns on our website at

Celebration social posts

The Digital Agency created celebratory social media posts to drive engagement and excitement among the target audience for a major event.

Their creative team developed a range of eye-catching designs, including graphics, videos, and animations, that highlighted the event’s key themes and messages. By strategically promoting these posts across various social media platforms, The Digital Agency was able to generate significant buzz around the event and drive high levels of engagement among the client’s followers.

As a result, the client was able to build a stronger online presence and establish themselves as a leader in their industry.

We are reaching millions on social ads

The Digital Agency aimed to maximise brand visibility, engagement, and conversions by leveraging social media platforms.

They created visually stunning and attention-grabbing ad campaigns tailored to each platform, employing compelling imagery and concise copywriting. With data-driven analytics, they continuously optimised ad performance in real-time.

The outcome was exceptional. The Digital Agency successfully reached millions of potential customers, propelling the client’s brand into the digital spotlight through the power of social media.

9k website purchases with 50k social budget

The Digital Agency achieved exceptional results by driving 9k website purchases while utilising a social budget of 50k. This case study showcases their expertise in generating high-value conversions, without specifically mentioning any brand names.

By strategically allocating their social budget and implementing targeted campaigns, The Digital Agency effectively maximised their clients’ online sales.

Through their data-driven approach, optimization techniques, and comprehensive understanding of social media platforms, they demonstrated their ability to deliver tangible results and drive revenue growth for their clients.

Massive return on ad spend on social media

The Digital Agency partnered with a company seeking to achieve a massive return on ad spend through social media. By leveraging data analytics, audience segmentation, and creative content, they developed a winning strategy.

Extensive data analysis provided insights into the target audience’s preferences and behaviour. Precise audience segmentation allowed for tailored ad content and maximum engagement. Leveraging advanced targeting options, they reached the most relevant segments.

Continuous optimization based on key metrics refined targeting and creative elements. The result was a significant increase in revenue, exceeding expectations and delivering remarkable ROI.

The Digital Agency’s data-driven approach and strategic execution led to exceptional results in social media advertising.

Aggressive social media campaigns

The Digital Agency has spearheaded aggressive social media campaigns, delivering maximum reach and engagement for brands. Innovative approaches and techniques have played a pivotal role in campaign success.

The Digital Agency mastered risk management and leveraged controversy to create positive brand awareness and engagement. Thoughtful messaging and user-generated content-built brand loyalty from buzz.

Strategic partnerships, influencer collaborations, and interactive challenges amplified reach, viral growth, and brand visibility. They maintained brand integrity while pushing boundaries, delivering value-driven content and fostering authentic conversations, driving remarkable engagement.

The Digital Agency’s aggressive social media campaigns excelled in generating reach, navigating risks, and fostering high engagement. Their innovative approaches and commitment to brand integrity consistently delivered exceptional results for clients.

We worked alongside leading FMCG company to a fanbase 22 million strong

The Digital Agency strategically collaborated with a leading FMCG company, aligning objectives and targeting the audience effectively. Through captivating content and innovative tactics, the partnership drove the fanbase to an impressive 22 million, showcasing the agency’s expertise and tailored strategies.

The Digital Agency employed a multi-faceted approach, curating compelling content and implementing innovative social media campaigns, events, and experiences to engage the audience, foster brand loyalty, and grow the fanbase to 22 million.

Their strategic use of social media, combined with community building initiatives, contributed to long-term growth and sustainability. Key performance indicators validated the partnership’s success, reinforcing the FMCG company’s brand positioning.

The Digital Agency’s expertise resulted in captivating content, deep audience connection, and sustained growth, solidifying brand success and market presence.

Our Linkedin post got 190.000 views and 750 comments without ads

The Digital Agency achieved LinkedIn success with an ad-free post: 190K views, 750 comments. Strategic content and messaging captivated the audience, driving engagement and reach.

Leveraging organic reach and precise audience targeting, the post reached the right people at the right time. Active participation fostered conversations, generating substantial comments and interactions. High engagement impacted brand awareness, lead generation. Metrics analysed for insights.

Our career video smashed big name brands in Facebook shares

The Digital Agency achieved remarkable success with a career video that surpassed big name brands in Facebook shares, despite limited resources. Through effective strategies and storytelling, they created a captivating video that resonated with the audience and drove widespread sharing. Leveraging social media algorithms and user engagement, the video gained significant traction and reached a wide audience.

The unique value proposition established by The Digital Agency led to high engagement and sharing on Facebook. The exceptional number of shares had a measurable impact on brand visibility and talent acquisition. Valuable insights were gained through tracking and analysis of metrics for future strategies.

Social Media GIF and Video Content

The Digital Agency utilised GIF and video content to boost social media engagement.With creative strategies, they created compelling content that resonated with users.

Tailoring the content to different platforms and audience preferences maximised its reach and impact.

Measurable results were seen in views, likes, shares, and comments, analysed to gauge effectiveness. Optimising the content for mobile viewing enhanced the user experience.