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Blasting through competition in HR


Golf is the largest local ice cream manufacturer in Turkey.

Golf Kariyer is HR account of Golf Ice Cream.

After we started managing social media accounts of Golf Career, social engagement levels were skyrocketed. Golf Career blasted through competition to its well deserved first place.

Competition even included greatest financial institutions / banks of Turkey that have huge budgets.

We achieved this success in Golf Career by:

  • Quality content including unique photoshoots
  • Advertising every piece of content
  • Video interviews
  • Building a great HR web site that has even video-resume feature

Number one social engagement


New FMCG brand in Turkey and EMEA, Aldiva has reached number one in terms of Facebook page engagement.

Competitors include multi-billion dolar brands of companies that are 70 year old.

Most engaging Facebook page on the planet


Euromaster is Europe’s largest auto service station.
They have 2.460 service stations across 17 countries in Europe.

The country we have been managing the social media accounts for (Turkey) has been the most engaging Facebook page on the planet, compared to other country pages of Euromaster.

Social engagement of local brand, exceeded global brands’


Local brand in Turkey (Hobby) owned by our client Dabur (India) is in first place according to Facebook engagement levels among global cosmetics brands.

Hobby focuses on hair gel products. However great social engagement levels of Hobby has exceeded far more than Hair Gel category and even topped global cosmetics brands.

Our cosmetics brand overthrow global brand in terms of shareability


One of our clients, local cosmetics brand Hobby which is part of Dabur India has overthrow major global cosmetics brand in terms of shareability. KPI is calculated by number of likes divided shares per piece of content.

You might get a lot of likes if you have a huge media budget. But keep in mind, only the best content gets shared by today’s picky social media users.