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134k more organic visitors this month

Our SEO & SEM client has been enjoying %29 increase in organic traffic compared to last month.

We are aware of the seasonality in many cases so we are making sure we are ahead of the pace compared to last year. In this case, we have attracted 86k new organic traffic compared to last year, same month.

4x increase in SME organic web traffic

%450 increase in organic search traffic of a Market leader SME web site, compared to same season last year. So, what changed since? We have rebuilt the web site from scratch, with SEO in mind. We have generated, unique SEO compatible content (which are nice for user experience as well) . Link building as well as Adwords management were also done by the Digital Agency.

As a result of overall effort, 4x better organic Google traffic for the seasonal business.

1 million visit with zero budget

This is one of our own, side projects. Although it has absolutely zero marketing budget, project has attracted 1 million visitors, most of it organically through Google. What we did is basically content marketing, a consistent SEO and some email marketing.

150 percent increase in world-class brand SEO traffic


Screenshot says it all. We have increased organic Google traffic by %150 for a B2B website of our world-class brand. Of course, this was done with the help of our both on-site and off-site Search engine optimization efforts.

3x organic traffic increase in fashion site

Our fashion client in London has an e-commerce web site. We were responsible for search engine optimization and Google Adwords management. The Digital Agency has managed to achieve 3x boost in organic Google traffic to web site in a relatively short time. Quality of this newly attracted traffic is also high (no bogus traffic) and is significantly supporting actual sales. It is a nice case study for us as an example of London Search Engine Optimization.

70 percent SEO traffic increase


After our Search Engine Optimization service, web site organic visitors increased by %70. 

Generally, quality of traffic drops slightly when a significant increase in quantity of traffic happens. This is due to assumption that most targeted visitors are already visiting the web site. If you reach more people, they are less likely to be better engaged at your site than your core audience.

What is interesting is that, in our case, all other KPIs also increased. Meaning that all KPIs including bounce rate,  pageviews, average session duration also improved significantly as well as quantity of organic search traffic.

Our SEO traffic tops quantity and quality


Our organic SEO traffic topped our world class client’s web site traffic referral list not only in quantity, but also in quality. Red rectangle shows that even though SEO has forwarded the most traffic, site duration is significantly higher than other traffic sources. Meaning that a higher quality traffic has been provided.