Website Production

Building web sites is a never ending request by businesses from all sizes and it is bread & butter of digital agencies. Our web site production solution includes:

  • Design
  • User Experience
      • Enabling visitors to access requested information in the most effortless way as possible
      • Information Architecture
  • Mobile Compatibility
      • Almost %50 of web browsing in UK happens on mobile. (statcounter)
      • Mobile is the first screen when it comes to building web sites.
      • All content must be available and browsable in mobile devices (smartphone and tablets)
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Google is the main traffic driver for almost all web sites
    • A website without visitors is no value to business results
    • Therefore SEO compatibility is a prerequisite for a web site.

How we differ?

Everyone can cook however few chefs know how to prepare a special. Many agencies or even freelancers can build a web page. However, TheDigital handles digital advertising and business consultancy of the web site in-house so whole project is strategically planned & executed for business impact.

  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization from scratch
      • We offer separate SEO services although it is best done first while designing/building the web site. Some SEO modifications are extremely difficult after the site has been built. Therefore building the web site with SEO in mind is a great plus.
  • Advertising Bundle
      • Many web sites lack even a minimum amount of traffic due to absence of digital media advertisement. Businesses might think opening a web site is enough but having a website with few visits do not positively affect business results. TheDigital bundles advertising with production for a more comprehensive approach.
  • Photo & Video content production
    • To stand out from the crowd, unique visuals in the web site is a must. Web sites with only stock photo without real people, lack credibility & realism.
    • We bundle photo shooting sessions within web project budget so that it is done by default.
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What makes our solution unique?

Why Digital Marketing?

  • Today’s marketing trends have been moving away from conventional methods towards a more computer-mediated and digital environment.
  • Business pain is to reach consumers continuously, effectively and efficiently. “Digital” is becoming the largest marketing medium in developed countries by budget spent. For example in UK , that is %40 in 2015.
  • There are many digital agencies available that focus on creative and/or operation.
    However very few of them have combine broad expertise on brand/business side with a strategic understanding of modern business models.

What makes our solution unique on digital side?

  • Founder Burak has worked in Yıldız Holding (owner of McVitie’s, Godiva, Demet’s, United Biscuits etc) for 7.5 years and collaborated directly with these global companies.
  • Burak has managed more than 30 agencies for 70 brands.
    It is evidenced that Burak’s ideas are highly rewarded in the market. Burak knows what marketers/brand marketing teams really want.
  • This is what differentiates TheDigital:
    • Burak has a brand-side understanding of business objectives and applies these strategic priorities to all operational steps of daily agency work.
      • Return on Investment
      • Cost-effectiveness
      • Result-oriented
      • Revenue-generating
      • Hassle-free project management…

Social Media Management

Social Media Management on behalf of the business consists of following:

  • Creating monthly content plan (Text and visuals)
  • Updating social media accounts
    • Primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts. 
    • Secondary accounts can include Foursquare, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin and Tumblr.
  • Moderation of updated posts
    • Responding to consumers
    • Deleting unwanted posts/spam etc
  • Budget planning and operation of Facebook advertising
    • (paid post-ads or promoted ads to extend content all target audience beyond non-fans)
  • Monthly reporting
    • Total reach, engagement, competition ranking etc.

How do we differ?

  • Advertising:
      • Most social media agencies do not advertise their own content. They see this as a burden & leave this task to digital media agencies. In most cases, very few posts get correctly advertised.
      • According to Facebook, non-advertised Facebook posts very limited organic reach (e.g. even if you have 1 million fans, only %1 of your fans can see this content organically -without ads-)
      • We, however, advertise all our content without extra commission precisely so that it really reaches the target audience it is meant to reach.
  • Custom Photo & Video Shooting
    • It is known by marketeers that Instagram-style images perform studio and stock (Adage article)
    • However photo production is costly. Brands might not choose to allocate additional budget to photo-shooting as they have allocated majority of their spending to community management and paid-advertising.
    • We professionally shoot products to use these visuals in our social media posts without extra budget. We include all this operation within monthly social media management fee. So brands do not worry about non-planned production and focus on paid-advertising to generate real business impact.
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Facebook and Google advertisement

There are 2 giants in digital world:

For a successful web site Google pay per click advertising (Adwords) is a main traffic driver. It is mainly utilized by e-commerce and other call to action web sites.
Branding & Marketing Communication is focused  on reach, frequency and engagement. This is where social media comes to stage. Facebook is the number one social network in UK.

TheDigital will provide Google Adwords (pay per click) advertising services and all types of Facebook advertising management solutions. These include but not limited to video ads, text ads and visual (banner) ads.

TheDigital will spend marketing budget on behalf of its clients and charge a service fee for it.

How we differ?

  • Know-how of Facebook advertising
      • Burak managed Turkey’s largest social media group of Yildiz Holding brands with 17  million fans.
      • There are crucial know-how, best practices and strategies for different brands, products, target audiences, marketing channel mixes etc.
      • Brands’ budgets are generally limited and there are not many coins to waste. Therefore doing it the right the first time is important for cost-conscious business customers.
  • Know-how of Google Advertisement
    • Crafting a selling advertisement, text and visuals have dramatic effect on click-through rates that directly define effectiveness of marketing budget.
    • There are rules and strategies for a well-working ad-copy. Burak was involved in 300 projects’ digital media processes worth £ 2 million.
      • Results, key performance indicators and learnings from these numerous campaigns provide invaluable feedback &  insight that is vital for future campaigns’ success.
      • TheDigital will utilize all these know-how in order to craft most effective and efficient campaigns for its clients.
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Project & Marketing Consultancy

We plan to offer project management and marketing consultancy services from the very inception to the completion phases of various projects.

Budget, time and maintenance focused project management services:

  • Adhere to the business and client targets
  • Delicate identification of process-to-results
  • Integrative perspective inclusive of different management functions

Solutions to marketing strategy formulations and long-term goals:

  • Moving beyond the marketing mix of 4P and 4C.
  • Consideration of digital age marketing needs
  • Specifics to internet marketing: Participation, personalization, peer-to-peer communities, predictive modeling.



Products, buildings, locations, clients etc. can be photographed professionally for usage in social media, web site and other platforms.

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Video Marketing

  • More complex than photography, video editing requires both visual and audio capabilities.
  • Founder & Director Burak won £ 12.500 money prize and best ad prizes in a national short-film competition held by most prestigious newspaper in Turkey (Hurriyet).
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