Why Digital Marketing?

  • Today’s marketing trends have been moving away from conventional methods towards a more computer-mediated and digital environment.
  • Business pain is to reach consumers continuously, effectively and efficiently. “Digital” is becoming the largest marketing medium in developed countries by budget spent. For example in UK , that is %40 in 2015.
  • There are many digital agencies available that focus on creative and/or operation.
    However very few of them have combine broad expertise on brand/business side with a strategic understanding of modern business models.

What makes our solution unique on digital side?

  • Founder Burak has worked in Yıldız Holding (owner of McVitie’s, Godiva, Demet’s, United Biscuits etc) for 7.5 years and collaborated directly with these global companies.
  • Burak has managed more than 30 agencies for 70 brands.
    It is evidenced that Burak’s ideas are highly rewarded in the market. Burak knows what marketers/brand marketing teams really want.
  • This is what differentiates TheDigital:
    • Burak has a brand-side understanding of business objectives and applies these strategic priorities to all operational steps of daily agency work.
      • Return on Investment
      • Cost-effectiveness
      • Result-oriented
      • Revenue-generating
      • Hassle-free project management…