The Digital Agency is a certified Google Partner and Shopify Partner digital marketing agency operating in London and Istanbul. The Digital Agency has a solid track record of delivering high growth in eCommerce, Facebook & Google advertising, social media communication, search engine optimization, eCommerce and website production through 16 years of experience with 140 brands in 500 projects.

World Class Brands trust us:

World's largest 3rd biscuit producer

Owner of McVitie's and Godiva


World's largest tire manufacturer


World's largest hotel chain

Owner of Holiday Inn


World's largest hosting company

Owner of Telecity and SadeceHosting


World's leading beauty company selling direct


Europe's largest service station



Europe's largest integrated meat factory



Turkey's largest local ice-cream producer



In the modern digital era, businesses are constantly seeking for exceptional digital marketing strategies to elevate their presence and amplify their success. The Digital Agency, a top-tier digital marketing agency and a certified Google Partner and Shopify Partner, has been offering world-class digital marketing solutions for the past 16 years. Based in London and Istanbul, The Digital Agency has been the propelling force behind the high-growth and success of countless brands across the globe.

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Journey is as important as results

We are determined to bring you best results and optimum ROI. Numerous success stories in our recent works are a proof of this. However, reaching these results should not be difficult. We believe a hassle free project management with our clients. Our project managers behave as if we are a business partner regardless of the size of the project.

Another aspect of this collaboration workflow is the trust issue. We do not report our campaigns in Excel which our clients would never find time or energy to verify. Instead, we always report in screenshots from actual dashboards that we are working on. This is why our tagline goes as “Work with your digital agency in peace“.

With an impressive portfolio of over 500 successful projects with 140 brands, The Digital Agency has mastered the intricacies of eCommerce, Google and Facebook advertising, social media communication, search engine optimization (SEO), and website production. Their work has not only reshaped the digital presence of their clients but also fostered a robust growth trajectory for their businesses.

Our recent works and success stories:

The world-class brands that have placed their trust in The Digital Agency speak volumes about its prowess in the digital arena. These include the world’s largest tire manufacturer, Michelin; the leading beauty company, Oriflame; the largest hotel chain, IHG, which owns Holiday Inn; the largest hosting company, Equinix; and the 3rd largest biscuit producer, Yildiz Holding, owner of McVities and United Biscuits.

16 years, 140 brands, 500 projects

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