Social Media Management on behalf of the business consists of following:

  • Creating monthly content plan (Text and visuals)
  • Updating social media accounts
    • Primarily Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube accounts. 
    • Secondary accounts can include Foursquare, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin and Tumblr.
  • Moderation of updated posts
    • Responding to consumers
    • Deleting unwanted posts/spam etc
  • Budget planning and operation of Facebook advertising
    • (paid post-ads or promoted ads to extend content all target audience beyond non-fans)
  • Monthly reporting
    • Total reach, engagement, competition ranking etc.

How do we differ?

  • Advertising:
      • Most social media agencies do not advertise their own content. They see this as a burden & leave this task to digital media agencies. In most cases, very few posts get correctly advertised.
      • According to Facebook, non-advertised Facebook posts very limited organic reach (e.g. even if you have 1 million fans, only %1 of your fans can see this content organically -without ads-)
      • We, however, advertise all our content without extra commission precisely so that it really reaches the target audience it is meant to reach.
  • Custom Photo & Video Shooting
    • It is known by marketeers that Instagram-style images perform studio and stock (Adage article)
    • However photo production is costly. Brands might not choose to allocate additional budget to photo-shooting as they have allocated majority of their spending to community management and paid-advertising.
    • We professionally shoot products to use these visuals in our social media posts without extra budget. We include all this operation within monthly social media management fee. So brands do not worry about non-planned production and focus on paid-advertising to generate real business impact.
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