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We have doubled ROI

The Digital Agency, more than doubled the return on investment (ROI) for our world-class client. We have provided social media advertising and Google Adwords advertising for our brand. The company was utilizing similar budgets every month. Comparing our term of service to previous agency’s:

  • 167 % increase in visits
  • 175 % increase in visitors
  • 126 % increase in pageviews

As the traffic increases, some loss in quality of traffic is acceptable. However, we have even managed to decrease bounce rate by 18 % which indicates that increased traffic is also high quality. It wasn’t the first time we doubled the ROI for our clients, but it is a good case nevertheless.

Providing 70 percent of new conversions

We are responsible for 2 mediums, Google and Facebook for an education firm. They have a microsite that has been set-up to record conversions. Referral type of traffic to this microsite is coming from their corporate page therefore, it is already existing customers. We are excluding this existing customers for this calculation as the campaign is focused on new customer acquisition.

%60 of all web site traffic came from Google and Facebook which the Digital Agency is responsible of. %70 of all successful conversions (excluding referral – existing customers) came from Facebook and Google channel which the Digital Agency is responsible of.

This recent project is a good example of our lead generating, conversion focused, performance advertising.

51 k USD revenue with just 2 k USD Adwords budget


Only ad spending for this ecommerce web site is Adwords, which is managed by The Digital Agency. Monthly Adwords budget for this ecommerce web site is approx. 2 k USD.

Total revenues of the same web site of most recent 30 days reported by Google Analytics is 51 k USD.

Which is almost 25x return on investment.

1 million Facebook video views for 1350 USD


We have spent 1350 USD on Facebook and our client’s TV commercial has attracted 1 million video views.

This is a very competitive CPV (cost per view).

Our ads reached 1.7 million people (including skipped ads).

Almost 1 cent per click for high quality tactical traffic


We completed a tactical campaign in conjunction with two of our clients. Results were amazing:

Cost per click does not get cheaper than this, unless it is free. It is almost a cent for a click.

For such a ultra-low cost traffic, you expect a very low quality of traffic.

However, because of our highly accurate Facebook targeting for one of our clients, our ads were extremely successful delivering ultra low cost (first visual) with maximum quality (second visual) traffic for our other client.

According to Google Analytics average time on page KPIs, our tactical campaign was a huge hit, delivering maximum amount of on-page duration compared to site average, page average and campaign averages.

50 percent increase in mobile app visits


We are utilizing primarily Facebook ads to promote our world class client’s mobile application. Comparing our service to previous agency, mobile application visitors increased approx. by %40 and visits increased by %50. Pageviews also increased by %40.

We doubled web site visitors for our world class client


We have given Adwords and SEO service to our world class client. Comparing recent two months of our service to previous two months of competing agency, significant improvements on most KPIs have been achieved:

  • Visit and visitors increased by %250
  • Pageviews tripled.
  • Even though traffic is increased, bounce rate also decreased by %21, meaning that a higher quality traffic is received in our term.