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50 percent increase in mobile app visits


We are utilizing primarily Facebook ads to promote our world class client’s mobile application. Comparing our service to previous agency, mobile application visitors increased approx. by %40 and visits increased by %50. Pageviews also increased by %40.

We doubled web site visitors for our world class client


We have given Adwords and SEO service to our world class client. Comparing recent two months of our service to previous two months of competing agency, significant improvements on most KPIs have been achieved:

  • Visit and visitors increased by %250
  • Pageviews tripled.
  • Even though traffic is increased, bounce rate also decreased by %21, meaning that a higher quality traffic is received in our term.

We doubled ROI for a video campaign


This is a page from our report to our client. It is stated that we will reach 3 million total video views including Facebook and YouTube with just 13 k USD. This is 2x return on investment compared to previous media agency. Meaning that ads of our client reached 1,5 million more people with the same amount of budget.